Become an owner of a rice terrace!

Terraced Rice Field Owner Rice Harvesting Experience

Experience Content

Rice planting, observation party, rice harvesting, harvest festival

Creature Observation
  • Frog eggs, frogs
  • Newt, freshwater crab
  • Loach
  • Snails
  • Locusts, dragonflies
Experience Dates
Rice Planting 2020/5/24 Sunday
Observation Party 2020/7/4 Saturday
Rice Harvesting 2020/9/27 Sunday
Harvest Festival 2020/10/24 Saturday

*About 2 hours each day


30,000 yen/100m2

  1. Become the owner of harvested rice (minimum harvest compensation 40kg/100m2)
  2. Brand is Koshihikari
  3. Will be given out as unpolished rice (polished rice is available at extra cost)
  4. Shipping fees are separate
  5. Lunch fees are separate, 500 yen/person (Reservation necessary)
  6. What You’ll Need: Rice-planting boots (no rain boots), towel, change of clothes, etc.

Note: Content subject to change without notice. Please confirm at the time of application.