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Usune Large Mulberry Tree

This tree is 1,500 years old. The best mulberry tree in Japan.

1777 Ishizumimachi (Daijingu) next to

Shodajoshi Park

Shoda Castle ruins, origin of the Numata clan.

387-3 Idonouemachi

Oppo Yakushi Shrine

Healing Buddha shrine said to be good for the eyes (Gunma Prefecture Important Cultural Property)

281 Ishizumimachi


Numata Daimyo Shrine (Grave of Heihachiro Kageyoshi Numata)

Gravesite of the tragic warlord Heihachiro Kageyoshi Numata.

2022 Machidamachi

Mt. Tokami Trailhead Parking Lot

360-degree panoramic view. The Mt. Tokami trailhead has a free parking lot.

Togami town, Numata city


Weeping Sakura of Anyoji Temple

The 4 large weeping cherry blossom trees and very beautiful, and a popular spot for cherry blossoms.

367 Ishizumimachi Oppo